Ladies gotta look out for each other; helped overheated girl on the street

Sometimes it can be really terrifying to be a woman.

I’m not trying to cause some sexist battle or to wage a feminist war here, but I think that men should understand how intimidating it can be to move through the world as a female. In fact, there are many circumstances which seem terrifying to me that my male counterparts would never interpret as risky. This is why I am constantly trying to help other women. For instance, last week when I saw a young girl walking down the side of the street in the summer heat. I was quickly taken aback by the sight of a human walking in the blaring sun and oppressive humidity that day. It was dangerous to be outside for any amount of time thanks to the risk of heat stroke. If you do not have access to air conditioning and advanced ventilation systems you were actually putting yourself in imminent danger of dehydration and overheating. I knew that the girl had a long way to walk before she reached any air conditioning options because there were no homes or businesses in the immediate vicinity. I didn’t want to scare her but I also didn’t want her to pass out in the heat. I pulled off to the side of the road and gently asked the girl if she wanted to sit in my air conditioning in the car for a few minutes. She gladly climbed in and I blasted the AC unit as high as it would go. She told me her boyfriend had dropped her off in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a fight and she was ready to hitchhike with anyone who had a cooling system in their vehicle. Thank God I pulled over that day and had a working AC unit.


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