Neighbor’s home burned down because of mishap with portable heater

I was alarmed the other day when I heard a bunch of sirens & I saw flashing lights outside.

  • Then I couldn’t suppose it when 1 of our neighbor’s had their home going up in flames! All kinds of people gathered around the home while the firefighters were working to knock out the fire.

It was a devastating situation & the two of us legitimately felt bad for our neighbors. Both of us were entirely there talking with 1 of them & they were on the verge of tears. They said they had all kinds of irreplaceable things in the home & they figured it would all go up in flames. Both of us entirely provided them room in our beach house to stay while they were getting their beach house repaired, but they said their beach house warranty covered them with a hotel stay while they were getting needed repairs done. When I asked about how the fire started, that’s when my neighbor seemed to be genuinely embarrassed. He said he had a portable oil furnace in front of him while he was seeing TV. He said he also had a blanket on him. He said that when he jumped up to go to the lavatory, the blanket entirely fell on the portable heater. The portable oil furnace just kept working until the blanket caught on fire. By the time he got out of the lavatory the blanket was up in flames & the fire spread quickly. He rushed to get his fire extinguisher but the fire was spreading too fast for him. Then he shouted for everybody to get out of the home & they called the fire department. I believe those portable gas heating systems legitimately can be dangerous.

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