The HVAC technicians only come for the free HVAC training

I am the owner of an HVAC company, and I remember that I used to get so upset about how many HVAC technicians came to work for my HVAC company so that they could get free HVAC training.

  • Now, I understand it a bit more, but when I was first starting my own HVAC company, it used to bother me a lot.

When I first became an HVAC technician, I did not go to college to learn how to be an HVAC technician. I trained to become an HVAC technician directly under the owner of the HVAC company. Because I felt bad that the owner practically provided all of my HVAC training for free, I continued working for that HVAC company for multiple years before starting my own HVAC company. The HVAC company even paid me while I was training. Now that I own my own HVAC company, I provide the same paid training that the owner provided me. However, I have noticed a growing trend of people that come to my HVAC company to train as an HVAC technician. As soon as they finish their HVAC training, they take a job with a different HVAC company. At first, I used to get very mad about that, but then, I realized that as the owner of the HVAC company, I was gaining something from this I was getting cheap labor while I trained them. None of these HVAC technicians were doing anything unethical. They just didn’t want student loans to become an HVAC technician. I can understand that. I just wish that the HVAC technicians would stay!

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