Heat pumps are ingenious

I think a single of the most ingenious new inventions is the electric heat pump.

I’d never even heard of this type of temperature control until I moved down south.

I wasn’t aware that a single piece of equipment could supply whole-cabin heating and cooling. An electric air-source heat pump eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels by simply moving existing heat from a single location to another. Because it doesn’t create heat, there is no combustion process, eliminating the dangers of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. There’s also no redhouse gas emissions, making heat pumps unquestionably environmentally friendly. The system uses refrigerant to convey heat energy. Much like a refrigerator or an a/c, it pulls heat out of the air and transports it, during the Summer months, the heat pump extracts heat from inside the cabin and pumps it outdoors to create a cooling effect. When the outside temperature drops, the heat pump literally reverses its operation. Even when the weather is cold, there’s ambient heat available in the outside air. The heat pump makes use of this heat, compressing it to a higher temperature and delivering it inside. The process is extremely safe and clean. There’s no humes, sizzling surfaces or influx of contaminants. Utilizing something called adjustable speed technology, new heat pumps are able to adjust speed in tiny a single percent increments between forty and a single hundred percent capacity. The system runs at the exact speed necessary to maintain unquestionably even and ideal comfort. It avoids temperature changes and minimizes energy consumption to achieve impressive efficiency ratings. The only disadvantage of a heat pump is that they struggle to supply satisfactory heat when the temperature falls below cold. However, newer models are more powerful than ever and where I live, that’s not a problem.


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