I’ve consistently tried to do all I can to keep our fiance cheerful

I have consistently tried to be thoughtful when it comes to our fiance; Actually, I have consistently done everything I can to make her comfortable even before both of us got married.

She just means the world to me so I consistently aim to please her and keep her comfortable, then even when both of us first started dating, I knew there was a slight issue with the air quality in our house.

That’s why I decided to get a UV media air cleaner installed and I picked up some HEPA air filters. The next time she came over, I cooked her supper. She loved that even though she also noticed that the air quality improved, and I definitely loved that she noticed that, then we’ve been on all kinds of adventures together and both of us have travelled to other countries. The people I was with and I have even gone on a safari which was a great time. Eventually, both of us got married. I consistently distraught that things might die down or both of us would lose that spark that both of us consistently had since the start. The thing is, I have consistently done things for her appreciate making her dinner so she can eat in bed when she wakes up. Also when she is taking a shower, I like to put her robe in the dryer to make it nice and toasty. Then I will bring her the toasty robe right when she gets out of the shower and she definitely appreciates that. Then I realized that the bathroom tiles were a little bit chilly, so I called up an Heating and A/C company to see what could be done. Before I knew it, I was getting radiant radiant heated floors installed in the bathrooms. That definitely made her cheerful, but I like those radiant radiant heated floors too!

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