Raccoons keep chewing on my HVAC condenser

I typically like all of the wildlife in my particular area.

We get cottontail rabbits, chipmunks, ducks, squirrels, white tail deer, and a whole list of other animals native to these parts.

My house stands in front of a wildlife preserve, making the woods just a few steps past my property line. If I ever want to go for a long walk in nature, all I have to do is step outside and head to the back end of my lot. We decided to put a salt lick in this part of our property because the deer love the salt. We can see them from the windows in the back during the evening hours if we turn on the lights near the property line. The deer love the salt and we love the little show we get from the deer each night. Recently we’ve had a family of raccoons that has moved into our yard and have been trying to open our garbage cans every night to forage in our trash. After I started using bungee cords on the trash can lids, they couldn’t get into the trash cans anymore. Unfortunately, I kept finding them roaming the backyard at night despite not being able to access my garbage anymore. Since our raccoons don’t carry rabies in this part of the world, I’m not really bothered by them at all. That’s as long as they stay out of my garbage, that’s for sure. One night I found two of them chewing on the refrigerant lines running out the back of my HVAC condenser unit outside. There is foam wrapping around the metal pipes to protect them from the elements and to insulate them from temperature changes. The raccoons didn’t cause any damage, but it still worries me to this day that they’ll eventually damage the HVAC condenser.

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