Short term housing has made life easier

The right house is out there

I have always wanted to live exactly where we are now. We always wanted to move to this town that was really a tourist destination. We both fell head over heels for this venue after we visited it some years ago. And, it was just something that neither of us could ever shake from our minds. So, we started looking up some websites that allowed us to check out the housing situation. Unluckily for us, there just wasn’t much out there. But the feeling was so strong for us, we decided that a short term rental might be just the thing to try. Both of us knew that we wanted to live in this part of the country and our lease was coming up. Both of us then secured jobs in this area and so it really made sense to make the move to a short term rental situation. And a short term lease would allow us the ability to live here while we were still looking for a permanent housing solution. Moving into a furnished house for rent allowed us to leave all our stuff in the house that we were selling. And of course that meant when we did sell our home, our belongings would simply be packed up and moved into a storage unit. Without the short term house rental option, it would have been really hard for us to make our situation work. Being able to take advantage of having a furnished place on a month to month lease allowed us to get to where we wanted to live. I think it will happen. The right house is out there. For now, I sure am thankful that we found this short term rental.


short term rental housing