The chiller rental saved us so much money

My supplier manufactures products that must have a cold temperature. The bunch of us have chillers to keep the section cold & all of us use various sizable walk in freezers & refrigerators to store our products. The group of us cut, wrap, & package a good amount of vegetables & fruits for grocery stores & supercenters! In order to keep everything fresh, all of us use an industrial chiller. On occasion there are problems with the industrial chiller & all of us have a repair professional on staff & in the building every day of the week. There is someone to help with chiller complications on the second & third shift as well. This past week, the director on the late evening shift called because the chiller could not be repaired. The bunch of us were going to shut down production the next day while all of us had the chiller repaired. The foreman called a supplier that rents temporary chillers & they delivered us a temporary chiller for the day. The guy called at 9 and they brought us a 50 ton chiller before we got to the lunch hour. The bunch of us saved thousands of dollars, because all of us did not have to shut down production for the entire day. The temporary chiller provided plenty of frosty air & temperature control. The day after everything was set, I called the foreman into the office for a small discussion. The guy handled the complication with perfect ease & calmness & he saved our supplier a huge amount of money with the chiller rental suggestion. I thought it was time to discuss a raise. I wanted to promote the guy & put him on the first shift, but he didn’t want more responsibility or early morning hours.