All of us had squirrels in the ductwork system

One day when my partner was preparing dinner and I was reading the newspaper, I swore I heard something scrambling around in the ductwork.

I asked my partner if she heard something strange, and she said she didn’t hear anything.

Then I heard the scrambling again and all of us both looked over at a single of the Heating and Air Conditioning vents. I knew that all of us both heard the weird noise this time around. So I went to investigate and I heard something run the other direction when I went to the Heating and Air Conditioning vent. I didn’t know what it could be and my partner asked if it could be rats in the ductwork. I didn’t love the sound of that, but I definitely didn’t jump to conclusions. I entirely opened the Heating and Air Conditioning vent and put my cellphone in there to take a picture. With the picture, I saw that there was a squirrel down inside the ductwork looking scared as could be. I was thankful that it wasn’t rats, but I had to get this little woman out of the ductwork. After many failed attempts, I realized that this was far more challenging than I imagined. I didn’t easily have a solid plan of action anyway. Even if I did get him out of the ductwork, how was I going to get him out of the house? I ended up calling animal control to get this squirrel out of there. The woman told us it wasn’t just a single squirrel, however multiple squirrels. She set a few traps at the odd Heating and Air Conditioning vents with food inside, and a single by a single she was able to catch the squirrels. I wish I would have thought of that! She said when she was done that all of us should have the ductwork cleaned and resealed to prevent further troubles with critters.


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