Builders One Again Embrace Awnings

Have you noticed how builders are once again embracing the humble awning when they construct both homes plus commercial spaces? I first began noticing this on a recent trip to a beach town. This little beach town has, of course, the beach, as a big tourist draw, however they are also trying to improve other parts of the town, too. This little beach town added this adorable little shopping section with quaint little shops selling everything from ice cream cones to high end home furnishings. The shops, though, are not inside an air conditioned mall… Each shop has a door that opens to the fantastic outdoors, which is, for the most part, miserably hot. The outside feels like a gas furnace, plus when people are opening the door to come in all day long, all that gas furnace hot air comes inside plus the cooling system has to duke it out with the heating that enters. Enter the amazing awnings. Builders are once again embracing the power of the awning to decrease cooling costs. The awnings supply shade plus help keep the sunshine out so the cooling system doesn’t have to run as much to keep the temperature control setting where it belongs. In addition, the awning helps cool the air right in front of the shop door, so it feels less like a gas furnace blowing in. Also, awnings are elegant, right? I enjoy awnings plus suppose they help with cooling costs, so I am blissful that builders are once again embracing the humble however useful awning as a cooling tool.
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