Doing a little work on our lake house

For a little while, I knew that I had to get to our family lake home to make some crucial repairs, but there are all kinds of renovations that I needed to make including putting up-to-date flooring down in the dining room as well as fixing up the bathrooms.

So I finally took some time to get to work, but i ended up getting a fire going in the fireplace as well as I started with the dining room, and fortunately, we have a smart temperature control with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system, so I adjusted the temperature control settings with our iphone! As I was working as well as with the fireplace going, I was starting to get hot as I was working, but naturally I build up a sweat when I am working hard.

That was no issue though because I had our iphone with the smartapp to easily adjust the temperature control settings again to be more comfortable, but when I was finally done with the dining room floor, it was looking beautiful. Then I was able to get to the bathrooms. I had to do up-to-date tiling in there as well as well as I had to update the toilets with up-to-date ones. This took a little while as well as I was perspiring even more, so I actually turned off the furnace, then honestly, the fireplace was keeping the lake home warm enough as I was working. The fireplace has always worked so nice for heating the home, so I am thankful to have that fireplace. When I finally got everything finished in the first bathroom, I had to say that I was doing fine work. Then I tested the hour bathroom as well as I took pictures when I was done with everything. I couldn’t wait to show our wife as well as family how fine the lake home was looking.