Husband falls asleep in front of heater

Sometimes I think that my partner is trying to kill me, then don’t get myself and others wrong, I do not think I am going to end up on Forensic Files anytime soon. He is not wise enough to conduct a successful murder nor does he have the follow through to particularly accomplish the task; Plus, I do not think who would take care of him if I disappeared. The fact is, the man can barely take care of himself. This is why I am upset that the two of us are on the cusp of an accidental fatal accident at all points… Recently, he has been most upset with lounging on the couch and enjoying the news. Meanwhile, he insists that he is cold cold inside the house. He does not seem to understand that the two of us can’t run the central furnace all the time to compensate for his lack of movement. In fact, the two of us need to cut down on our energy expenditure if the two of us want to use the furnace throughout the winter. This is why I went out and purchased him a small space heater. I figured he could put the portable heating component in front of his couch and keep himself boiling as he basked in the boiling glow of the space heater! Little did I know, he would become obsessed with this portable space heater. He uses it all the time, whether it’s particularly cold outside or not. This would be fine..; Except he also has the unfortunate habit of nodding off in the middle of the news. I keep finding my partner asleep with the space gas furnace dangerously close to his blankets. I fear that we’re going to start a fire in the apartment any day, simply because my partner is such a lazy dolt.


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