Husband is banned from YouTube

I think it’s extremely difficult to be with someone over a long period of time without running into some problems.

Obviously, everyone has personal opinions and differences in how they see the world.

Unfortunately, when you are trapped in a house with somebody day after day for 50 years these bumps can really start to bother you. I realized this the hard way a few years into my marriage. I was really tired of my husband deciding that he was a capable handyman when he absolutely had no mechanical skills whatsoever. He was constantly starting home projects that he couldn’t finish. Eventually, his interest transitioned to the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. He started fiddling with the air conditioning unit every time I wasn’t paying attention. If I turned my back he was likely to run downstairs and start messing with the forced air furnace. Sometimes I even found him trying to take the thermostat apart as if he could recode the smart computer contained in our temperature control unit. It took me a while to understand where this new air quality control obsession was coming from. And then, I checked his YouTube history. It was immediately apparent that my husband was watching too many DIY HVAC repair videos online. Every time he saw a new clip about an air conditioning unit or a forced air furnace he couldn’t help but try his hand at the new technique. At this point, our air quality has greatly declined thanks to all his “handiwork.” I’ve also banned my husband from watching any YouTube videos for the rest of his life.


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