I take good care of my animals with a nice HVAC device

When I was growing up I often worked around various creatures.

I sincerely enjoyed being outside & taking care of other living things.

As such, I regularly pet sat & worked at local horse farms. I’m cheerful that I had these early experiences because they taught me a lot about responsibility & grit. However, I also feel as though these early days put a new complex in my head. After seeing so many creatures who lived outdoors no matter what the climate happened to be, I became somewhat obsessed with providing the best home to all of my creatures. I wanted to collect every unwanted pet on earth & give them a safe & comfortable arena to live. Unfortunately for me, it turns out that heating, cooling, & ventilation devices are rather expensive when you operate them for creatures. You see, I wound up with a giant barn full of horses, goats, & cats. I had to figure out how to supply heating & cooling measures to all of my adorable creatures. At first, I thought it would be doable to install various mini split heating & cooling devices to control the indoor air temperature & air quality. However, I wasn’t a fan of the individual temperature programming measures that would have to be constantly reset. Eventually, I decided to go with a full-blown central heating & cooling device for my creatures. I even had a smart thermostat installed. Now, I can monitor their temperature in the barn even if I am hiding in my less comfortable household.

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