I was able to help my mother’s respiratory condition by doing some research

I was devastated to learn that my mother was diagnosed with a terrible respiratory illness. Nobody really knew what to do for her, including her own doctor. I wondered what good these people were if they didn’t know how to do their jobs. I decided to do some research and take things into my own hands so that I could help my mother out. I even got on the message boards and asked what other people have done to treat acute respiratory problems. A few different people commented that it was best to improve the air quality in the home. They suggested investing in a solid UV air purification system, HEPA air filters, and a good humidifier. They said with this combination of HVAC equipment, it certainly would improve the air quality and likely improve the condition of my mother. I figured it was better than doing nothing, because I swore my mother was going to die due to the lack of action taken by her healthcare professionals. So I called up the HVAC company and told them I wanted to have a UV air purification system installed along with a whole home humidifier. I also purchased a huge pack of HEPA air filters for her HVAC system. They also suggested that I have her ductwork system cleaned as it would greatly improve the air quality. So I had that done as well. With everything that was done, I was so happy when my mother seemed to start improving with her health. The next time she went to see the doctor, they were amazed that she was doing so much better. They basically said it was a miracle, but I think they’re just a bunch of quacks that don’t know what they’re doing.