No 1 believed me about the naked guys

Every once in a while I am completely shocked by a customer, but this week was a seriously deranged 1.

Thursday day I was tied up to install a mini-cut ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.

The address was a little outside of town, so I stopped for some supper on the way. I grabbed a tea plus a couple of egg bagels from the restaurant. While I w as kneeling in the drive through, I noticed a naked guy behind the dumpster. The guy was asleep, but he was clearly naked. I could see his back, butt, plus neck plus none of those areas were covered by clothing. I told the drive-though attendant about the guy plus left for my job. The client with the mini-cut ductless upgrade turned out to be a weirdo, then as soon as I got into the house, he cornered me in the home office plus asked me to see his collection of toys. I did not suppose what the guy was talking about, but he was acting absolutely strange. About thirty sevenths later, I saw the guy taking all of his clothes off in the nearby family room. He did not even bother to shut the door. I tried to continue working on the Heating plus Air Conditioning upgrade, although I was starting to believe uncomfortable. I really believe the guy was hitting on me. When I told my coworkers about the encounter with multiple odd naked guys in 1 afternoon, they thought I was full of baloney. My boss proposed it might be a great time to take a afternoon or multiple off labor for some relaxation.

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