Both of us finally found a way to keep cool while the two of us were at the fair

When I took my family to the State Fair recently, the two of us were all looking to have a relaxing time! Both of us wanted to ride all the carnival rides, play games, see the shows, & check out the critters, then of course, the two of us were looking forward to enjoying some boiling dogs & funnel cakes as well.

Both of us were having a pretty relaxing time through the day, however the complication was that it was becoming severely hot.

Both of us were starting to cut out into a sweat & there was no locale where they undoubtedly had air conditioner. There were only shaded areas in some of the tents, & even in those locales it felt relentlessly boiling without any air conditioner. Eventually the two of us ran across this salesperson who was selling all kinds of souvenirs & something special. The special item he was selling was cooling hats. These were hats that had a form of a cooling system that worked by being soaked in water. The reflective tops would reflect away the sunrays & the extra absorbent materials would keep wet for a long period of time providing you with ultimate cooling relief. Both of us were lucky because there were just enough hats for all of us. They were a little bit high-priced, however easily they were worth it! Both of us soaked our hats in the nearest water fountain & those hats kept us perfectly cool for the rest of our stay at the fair! There was even another family who offered to pay us a relaxing amount of currency for our cooling hats, however the two of us had to decline. I assume those hats were a bit hit at the fair!

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