Don’t forget HVAC – chores

When I found out that I was pregnant about 15 years ago I nearly lost my mind.

  • I was not ready to be a parent nor was I sure that I wanted kids in the first place.

Now, it looks like I was headed down a path that I had no knowledge of. My husband and I have been together since the day that I found out about my pregnancy. We make things work but everyday is an adventure raising these little brats. One of the things that we both really believe in is giving our children responsibilities. That’s why all of our kids have routine household chores to take care of. We want them to be responsible for the health and cleanliness of everyone who lives here. That’s why my oldest son is now responsible for taking care of the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. For many years my husband and I worried about the indoor air quality control equipment ourselves. We were constantly adjusting the thermostat, inspecting the air handling equipment for any diagnostic issues, and calling the local HVAC repair shop for additional help when things were not working properly. Now, my son is responsible for all of the heating and cooling equipment. He has to change the air filter every few weeks, clean out the air ducts, and even arrange the professional HVAC appointments. So far he’s done a great job managing the HVAC system and our energy bills have been steadily decreasing. At least when you have kids you can also have personal assistants.


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