Ductless HVAC was the way to go

My husband and I don’t share a room.

Not only are we not sleeping compatible, but our thermostat preferences are different and when we get up.

It makes sense to sleep separately. A lot of people think this means we are on the rocks. In fact, I think him and I are a stronger couple by having our own space. Having my own room means that I get to decide everything. The best thing he and I bought was a ductless HVAC device. Each room in the house has its own indoor air handler and thermostat. My husband can run his machine on the highest AC setting possible. He gets hot way too easily and wants AC constantly. I can run the heating on my mini split device and it won’t affect him. Not only is this great for comfort, but it is a more efficient way of operating a HVAC unit. Unused rooms don’t get climate control and waste money. I also can have AC when I cook but not need to up the cooling for the rest of the house. My husband and I take care of our own individual units too. I have a whole thermostat program that I run my mini split on. I have the heating starting an hour before bed. I also have the heater turn off around 30 minutes before I get up. I always am at the right temperature but I am not spending a lot of money. My smart thermostat even knows when I walk in my bedroom and it powers on automatically in case I deviate from my routine. It is more in tune of my needs than my husband.
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