I guess he is losing his hearing.

My father was typically easily attentive whenever it came to my mom.

  • All he had to do was mention that he wanted something done, and he did it within a day or multiple.

One time he had said he wanted to build a new study room onto the house. She was adamant about having a full suite with a private lavatory and a walk-in closet. My Mom came new home from work the next day. He told mom that they would supply the lumber in numerous weeks and he had the plans for the suite ready. That was many years ago, but his demands are now falling on deaf ears. My Mom is typically ignoring her, even though I guess it’s his hearing. Mom told Mom that he wanted to radiant heated flooring in the study room and lavatorys. Mom told his it sounded nice, however he didn’t jump and have the work done immediately. Every day he was finding a way to bring up radiant heated flooring, without sounding care about it was a planned conversation. Mom would just rest there and chance up his newspaper and tell his how nice that sounded. I wondered if they didn’t have the cash or if he was stalling, even though I didn’t say anything. It was kind of funny to watch mom stew over the radiant heating. It was almost a month since mom asked about radiant heating, when I went to talk to Mom. I asked if his hearing was giving him complications and he laughed and said no. I then asked why he wasn’t getting mom’s radiant heating. He nodded at myself and others to come closer and said it was ordered. He thought it was more fun to make his wonder.

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