I would have preferred a ductless HVAC system.

When I had my new HVAC system installed, I was really loving it.

We were now enjoying perfect air conditioning, and the cost of the energy bills were right where I liked.

They were lower than they had been in over five years. Even though I love the new air conditioning system and how it works, I wasn’t happy with it. I wanted a ductless HVAC system even though I bought the central air conditioning unit. I had read all about ductless HVAC and I really wanted to have it installed. There was less work to the ductless than to the central air conditioning. They touted it as being more efficient in both heating and air conditioning and energy efficiency. I thought I had my wife convinced to have the ductless HVAC system installed. She then looked at how expensive it would be. She said that all we needed was an air conditioning unit, and the furnace was still working well. Why would we give up on the current HVAC when it was going to be okay for several more years once they replaced the air conditioning unit? I asked what changed her mind about the ductless HVAC? She just looked at me and said she thought it made more sense to install a new air conditioner and not get rid of the furnace. When the furnace goes, I will have a ductless HVAC system whether or not she likes it. I am tired of wanting something different from her, and she will just do what she wants without asking me first.

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