The space heater made the bathroom toasty

This old house has lots of creeks and cracks.

The insulation is one down and there are a lot of crappy spots.

Some of the windows have cracks in the weather stripping. We have a wood furnace in the kitchen and it keeps the kitchen, living room, and dining room very warm and comfortable. The rest of the house is filled with baseboard heaters. They don’t work very well. The heaters are 40 years old. The bathroom is especially cold, especially on an icy, winter morning. I never take a shower early in the day. I always wait until the afternoon because it is the warmest part of the day. When we had some very cold weather this year, I decided to buy a small space heater to put in the bathroom. When I take a shower, it fills the entire space with heat. The space heater is an interesting machine. It plugs into the outlet on the wall. It’s simple to use and it doesn’t require a lot of space. It puts out a ton of heat, especially when the bathroom door is closed. My husband didn’t think that heater would work very well, since it was so small. He was very surprised when he saw the results. Both of us use the heater when we take a shower. We turn on the warm air about 10 minutes before we use the bath and we’re always pleasantly surprised when we open the door. I don’t mind showering anytime of the day now. It’s really nice to have full use of our bathroom, even when it’s cold outside.

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