I should have gotten caulk out to seal my house before winter came

I actually procrastinate way too much when it comes to doing service tasks around the house… I suppose this year, it finally came back to bite me again.

I guess that I actually should have been doing some tasks around the home to seal up all of the gaps plus cracks around our windows plus doors before the Winter came.

Even though I just kept on thinking that I had a lot more time before I actually needed to worry about it, and of course, even though I thought I had the time, the Winter came around on its schedule plus not on mine! The weather was starting to cool down rather suddenly plus the hot plus cold temperatures dropped all abruptly a couple of weeks ago; now it’s insanely freezing outside plus every one of us are having complications with our furnace. However well, I don’t suppose that it’s genuinely an issue with the heating plan itself. I suppose it’s more the fact that all of the heating that our oil furnace produces is literally going out the window because I didn’t seal them up the way that I rightly should have. I guess that I should have had another heating, ventilation and A/C professional come out to the apartment to do some oil furnace service plus air duct sealing for us too, but that’s yet another thing that I put off for too long! I guess that our local heating, ventilation and A/C company ran an oil furnace tune up special back in the fall plus I just kept putting it all off. If I had called them up plus made an appointment back then, I don’t suppose that our apartment would be so freezing plus drafty right now!

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