I won a contest for a new HVAC unit last fall

Last fall, I entered a drawing to win a brand new HVAC unit and the installation of it in my house.

I have never won anything, though, so after I entered the contest I forgot all about it.

It was just one of those little kiosks at the mall where they try to sign you up to start getting regular heating and air conditioning maintenance done at your house. I figured that they were just trying to get my name and number and email address just so that they could market heating and air conditioning services to me. I never dreamed that they were actually going to be giving away a brand new, high efficiency heating and cooling system, let alone that I would be the one to win it! When they called me at home and I saw the HVAC company name on my caller ID, I almost didn’t even answer the phone. I assumed that they were just making some kind of a sales call and that they wanted me to spend money on getting my furnace serviced or my air filters changed out or something like that. Well, I ended up being really glad that I answered that call because the guy on the phone told me that I had won the drawing for the brand new HVAC unit! Not only that, but the HVAC company was going to come and install it in my house for free! I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me that I was the winner. I was sure that there was some kind of a catch, but there wasn’t. Now I have a brand new HVAC unit and my heating and cooling system is simply amazing. I’m so glad I entered that contest.



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