Making sure the HVAC gets the best

Cutting corners to save money is something that is always tempting for me.

While I wouldn’t cut any sort of ethical corners for my benefit, I’ll sure try to save money wherever I can.

This has never been more true than dealing with this past year. The pandemic hasn’t caught up with us in the health sense and we are certainly thankful for that. However, we are hurting when it comes to our income and our finances. We have a young and growing family so we needed every bit of income we had. With me working from home in the HVAC and my wife having her hours drastically reduced, we have taken a serious financial hit. But, we rallied and did our best to reign in the household spending. We did good this past summer with the HVAC utility costs. Going into the summer, we were determined to limit our HVAC cooling and save as much money as we possibly could. Primarily, we really held back on the HVAC setting. This saved us hundreds of dollars. In our region, heat is the big deal and saving that money really helped. The winter is mild and we don’t have to spend so much during this season for HVAC. It is also the time that we have the HVAC inspected and serviced. Well, we just found out that we are going to have to spend some money on an HVAC repair. While we don’t want to do it, there is no way we are going to allow anyone but a professional work on our HVAC unit.

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