My dad knew how to fix all kinds of things when we were growing up

When I was still living at home with my mom and dad, my dad used to show us how to fix all kinds of things. He was really good at fixing things around the house and on cars, too. He used to fix lawn mowers, chainsaws, refrigerators, furnaces, and air conditioners for all kinds of people in our neighborhood. Sometimes he charged them a few dollars, but a lot of the time he would do it for free just because he knew that they might be struggling financially. My dad was really great about doing stuff like that for people who were having a hard time. I remember once when this lady came and asked him if he could fix her old broken down oil furnace for her. She was a widow and she had five kids to take care of. It was almost winter and the temperatures outside were already cooling down a lot and she said that she couldn’t afford to pay the guys at the HVAC company to come and fix the furnace for her. Since my dad knew how to fix just about everything, he went over to her house to take a look at the oil furnace. He figured out the problem and got the furnace up and working again before the first snowfall of the year. I will never forget the look on that lady’s face when he told her that he wasn’t going to charge her anything for fixing the furnace. My dad was really good at fixing things, but he was also just a really good person.



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