Work transition aided by good HVAC choice

I guess there are times in life where you have to make the more risky move in order to get where you really want to be.

That is a truth that I am comfortable with and embrace.

It’s just that I wasn’t ready for how scary a choice like that can actually be. However, thus far, following my heart has proved to be the right choice. The big choice for change I’m referring to is that I recently left my job to go out on my own. While I have longed to be my own boss, the reality of doing so was fraught with risk. I loved my job. I loved the perfectly HVAC controlled office that I worked from. I even loved all the effort and energy that went in to doing what I did. So after years of careful planning, I left that perfectly HVAC controlled office behind to go it alone. Part of that plan meant that I would have to make sure to keep my overhead to almost none in order to survive. This meant that I would have to work out of my home initially and perhaps for a very long time. After thinking it through with my wife, we chose to use a spare bedroom for my office. It was fine as far as space. And, it was at the furthest end of the house which would offer me some privacy. However, it was also quite uncomfortable. The room was at the end of the house and exposed on 3 sides. That meant hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Manipulating the entire HVAC system for just my office was not going to work. So, I had the HVAC people put in a ductless HVAC unit for just my office.



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