Yoga is a good workout, but not great

If you ever want to irritate someone who does yoga, just act like it isn’t a good workout and is all about stretching.

My friend Lois swears by yoga and constantly tells me how hard it is.

As a seasoned gymnast who works out daily, it isn’t that tough on me. Sure, there are elements of yoga that are very difficult. It also does a lot of good for a person. You work on balance, strength, coordination and toning muscles rather than bulking them. A lot of people do yoga for the mental side of it as well. There are yoga classes that are meant to slim a person down and courses to relax the hectic lives of people. It just really isn’t my thing no matter the class. Yoga is missing the heavy cardio element that I love. I want to have at least twenty minutes of high intensity work that gets my heart pumping. I want to backhandspring, round off or back tuck. I am fine with all the stretching and gaining more flexibility, but I need more. Yoga also isn’t too big on weightlifting. Occasionally Lois holds a two pound weight in her hands while doing some of the poses. For me, I like doing a weightlifting workout where I work on legs, arms, back and shoulders. I want all areas of my body to work. With every excise, there are certain things it targets and others it neglects. I know Lois gets a good workout, but she needs to change up what she does.


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