Life as a window cleaner

I have had the same job for over two years now and in those two years I have definitely seen my fair share of interesting things. Couple years ago I was looking for a new job and I found a job as a window cleaner. I was the guy that would go and clean everyone’s windows no matter what story they were on. It really was a perfect job for me because I like to be alone and I was not afraid of heights. The good thing was I didn’t have to worry too much about heating and cooling because when I was high up the wind always gave me a nice breeze which was great on hot days in the summer. I’ll never forget the one interesting thing that I did see during my shift. I was about 25 ft off the ground and I was looking inside someone’s window. I just moved upwards and was beginning to clean when I saw a young guy and what looked like a ductless mini split air conditioner. The guy didn’t seem to be too happy about the thing because he kept pounding on it and pounding on it and yelling at it to work. I know what kind of air conditioning system it is because I just got one myself only a month ago. I picked mine up from my local heating and cooling company and I got great prices, it was already on sale. They are a great little system but apparently not so much for this guy. As I continue moving up the window I suppose he got angry because he threw the small ductless mini split air conditioning system at the window. It scared me as the unit hit the window with a bang, the guy then stuck his tongue out at me like a naughty child and stormed off.

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