My AC helped get rid of excess moisture in my house

When I first moved into my new house, I discovered that it always felt as though there was excess moisture.

  • I kept no wet clothes in the house yet struggled with mold on the wall and a strange damp odor.

I contemplated moving out, but this was not a viable option at the time. When I discussed this with a friend, she recommended that I look into my air conditioner for potential solutions to the recurring problem. Since she was not conversant with how this would work, I called my HVAC technician to discuss my options. I discovered a few things from the expert, and I was willing to try them out. First, I found that the house’s air conditioning unit could consume the warm air through its ductwork and then suck moist air out of the house through the cool evaporating coils. When this is done, it then drains the condensed moisture out of the house. For some reason, my unit failed at this, thus exposing me to health risks such as allergies and discomfort. After a bit of deliberation, we agreed that my house’s air conditioner required a few touch-ups before I could consider getting a dehumidifier. The filters were replaced with new ones, coils cleaned, and the fan speed adjusted to improve things. My HVAC expert also installed a thermal expansion valve after checking the refrigerant charge. With a few regular expert maintenance and close monitoring of the heating and cooling unit, I contained the moisture problem. I got my house feeling fresh and free from mold-infestation.

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