Nobody wanted to see the game more than me

My friends plus I were happy to go see our number one hockey team plus the playoffs.

Nobody wanted to see the game more than me.

I have been a fan of the hockey team since I was born. My Dad plus our dad dressed myself and others in a hockey jersey as soon as I was seasoned enough to walk. I played hockey when I was in private school plus I even played for a minor league team when I was in school. I was terribly happy when our friends plus I got tickets to see the playoffs. I didn’t want to miss the game, but when I got house from work, I didn’t have any heat in the house. I was planning to come back to the home plus take a shower plus leave, but the home was only 59 degrees when I walked into the door. I actually couldn’t leave with the gas furnace not heating, because our fiance would be house from toil in a couple of hours. I called the heating supplier plus I made an appointment to have a gas furnace service professional come to the house. I called our friends plus I told them that I was honestly going to be late to the game. They were a little upset, but they knew the situation. The heating supplier professional didn’t finish with the gas furnace service until it was late in the hour period, so I didn’t even bother going to the game. I stayed at house plus I watched all of the game while the heating supplier did their work.


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