Sometimes we have temperature control battles in our room

We basically have a bedtime routine with the kids now.

When it’s time for bed, we adjust the temperature control settings so the A/C system kicks on a little.

This allows the kids to feel entirely relaxed and ready to fall asleep. I say goodnight to our son and then read a bed night story to our younger daughter. She loves being read to just like her older brother used to enjoy a great deal. By the time the kids are asleep, I adjust the temperature control settings in our bedroom. We have HVAC zone control so we are able to have customized temperature control settings in different rooms. I tend to crank the A/C up to a crazy level because I love being really chilly at night and keeping the covers tight against me. This drives my wife crazy because she always complains about it being too cold. I’ve actually been thinking about getting one of those beds with the built in temperature control. Then my wife could turn on the heating mechanism and be perfectly toasty while I crank the A/C system. I think that would be a good compromise for us. Because no matter how many times she tells me not to crank the A/C system so much, I just can’t help it. I need the relaxing A/C to help drift me off to sleep. Sometimes my wife sneaks and adjusts the temperature control settings after I fall asleep, but then that wakes me up! After that I simply adjust the temperature control settings again and try to fall straight back to sleep.
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