We have good HVAC out in the wilderness

And having that ductless a/c device makes it a lot more bearable

It took a good amount of planning plus plenty of years to pull it all together. However, I have been living in the wilderness now for a couple of years. And it’s one of the smartest decisions I have made. I know all of our life I have never been all that turned on about living around a lot of people. My idea of fun was taking off by myself plus getting out in raw nature. Actually, that is precisely how I spent my holidays. I was not into a Heating & A/C controlled resort situation. But, I would regularly have to come back to work plus society although I did so grudgingly. The upside of life in town was that I made a good amount of currency in my job. I am a design engineer. Eventually, I was able to leave the dreaded office environment plus toil from my own household. I still had a sizable income plus much less stress being out of the office. Once I met a like minded partner, both of us started planning how to live off the grid. And now both of us are doing just that. But, it’s still entirely comfortable. As a matter of fact, both of us even have Heating & A/C. That’s right, both of us live off the grid however both of us still prefer the cooling comfort delivered by modern Heating & A/C devices. Both of us have a solar power grid of our own that powers the ductless Heating & A/C in our small household. And it’s a wonderful thing, our piece of wilderness paradise comes with a huge amount of heat throughout the year. And having that ductless a/c device makes it a lot more bearable. I’m absolutely lucky to be living precisely the life I have constantly wanted to. But even more lucky that I got to bring along the Heating & A/C device comfort as well.



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