A family member almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning

I remember a long time ago when I went to visit our aunt with our parents, and it was a crazy experience because when our aunt didn’t answer the door plus both of us saw her car was there, both of us suddenly panicked. My father ended up finding a spare home key under two of the stones in the front, and when both of us found our aunt passed out in the bed not waking up, our father shouted for myself and others to open up all the windows plus do it fast! I did exactly as he said because I knew this was serious although I didn’t suppose why I had to open the windows at first, but there was a breeze through the home after all the windows plus doors were open plus the fresh air easily was refreshing. My mother called the police to get our aunt to the hospital. My father told myself and others he knew that it was carbon monoxide that made our aunt sick, as he said he knew because he had checked her heating proposal before plus it was on its way out. He said that thing easily overheated plus caused a crack to form in the heat exchanger. When that happens, the heating plus A/C proposal is basically toast because the repair costs just as much as a new heating plus A/C substitute. It was confirmed that carbon monoxide was the culprit through medical tests plus luckily our aunt survived, and she easily would have died if both of us didn’t act so suddenly to open the windows to get the carbon monoxide poison out of the house. If both of us would have arrived even 30 minutes too late, she could have died also.


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