Chair yoga has helped my flexibility.

I don’t know about you, but my email mailbox is always filled with junk.

Ninety percent of the emails I get are spam, or just junk.

I glance over the headlines and then I delete them or send them to the spam folder. About a mong ago, I was deleting all of my email, and I happened to glance at the heading of one. It was showing seven chair yoga exercises that can be done by anyone. I opened the email, expecting to see an advertisement. What I saw was a full seven yoga exercise class. I sat in my chair and tried the yoga stretches. The next morning, I couldn’t understand why my body aches so badly. I was used to aches and pains, but this was ridiculous. I waited two days before the pain let go, and then I tried the yoga exercises again. The next day I was achy, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. The next day I tried yoga again. The stretching was much easier and the pain had lessened. After a week of doing the chair yoga exercises, I realized that my flexibility was better and I was feeling better. The constant ache in my neck, shoulders, and back, weren’t nearly as bad as it once was. It took only two weeks before I realized the full import of what the chair yoga was doing for me. Chair yoga is probably the best thing I have ever read in an email. I guess I’m going to need to start looking a bit more closely at what I think is junk.


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