CrossFit Classes

My daughter went on a diet last year, and she lost nearly 100 pounds.

She had the weight off, but she still didn’t feel as good as she thought she would.

She began a steady regimen of exercising in the gym at their apartment complex. A young woman was watching her as she worked out and asked if she had ever tried CrossFit Training. She said she held crossfit classes at the local fitness center and if she ever wanted to try out one of the classes, just ask for her. Heather asked for her card and thanked her for her offer. A week later, Heather was cleaning out her sweater and found the business card. She turned it over a couple times and decided to go to the crossfit class. She was greeted by the same young woman that she had met in apartment complex gym. The young woman said she had seen Heather in the gym several times and was sure she would be a good fit with the crossfit class. The first thing they had her doing was using the ropes. Heather said her arms and shoulders hurt quite a bit, but it was a good hurt. They then had her jumping. After a month or more, she was able to jump up onto the table. My son wasn’t very happy when she showed him her new skill. She was really enjoying her crossfit classes until she injured her ankle and couldn’t go for awhile. She was happy for the injury. She thought she was too old to continue trying to keep up with all of these young people.

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