Getting a Brazilian Wax Not that Easy

I wanted to get a Brazilian wax prior to going on my beach vacation.

My friends & I had talked about going to the beach since before Thanksgiving.

The people I was with and I couldn’t wait to get away for Springtime so we could go to the beach. When you live in the bitter cold of the northeast, you spend 95% of your Wintertide in jeans or sweatpants. You wear clothes that are going to keep you sizzling & comfortable. I shouldn’t really tell anyone, however I don’t even shave my legs in the winter. Now that our trip to the beach is becoming a reality, I need to get ready for my new bathing suit. I reached out to several of our local spas, but none of them can wax anything other than someone’s eyebrows. I wanted a complete waxing. I had to go into the city. While looking for a salon that had folks to do Brazilian waxing, I found a website that gave a recipe for wax made with sugar. The website showed the entire procedure for how to wax from home. The recipe was simply sugar, water, lemon juice & essential oils. I was going to do my Brazilian wax in the privacy & comfort of my bathroom. I had the sugaring agent all set to go, & it was cooling. I thought I was ready to begin, however I suddenly became nervous about the pain that came with waxing. I wasn’t sure I could inflict pain on myself for vanity. I had 1 strip in place over the sugaring. I washed it off, & reached back out to the salon in the city, to make an appointment for a Brazilian wax. I set up the appointment for a week before the planned holiday.


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