HVAC corporation is unreliable

I worry about trusting outside shops and services to take care of me! I’d like to be the sort of person who was self-sufficient, so I did not have to worry about contacting others when something went wrong for me, but, alas, I am not a handy individual.

This is how I wind up in problematic situations with appliances all around the apartment – including the heating and A/C unit, most recently.

The other day, my HVAC system entirely ruined my day. I had actually no idea that there was anything going wrong with my indoor air handling devices before the afternoon when the forced air gas furnace stopped! For the past 6 years I have been using the same bullet proof indoor air temperature control system that came with my apartment. I have never once had an issue with temperature or air quality control before in the past. Then, last week I woke up and found that my indoor air temperature was freezing, especially compared to control unit settings. There was no warm air passing through my multitude of air vents and it felt as though the furnace had stopped operating hours earlier. I tried to mess with the furnace and control unit for a few hours before I eventually decided I needed to call my central HVAC worker for expert help with the heating and A/C system. Unfortunately, when I called to arrange my appointment, there was no answer on the other end. I called the shop a dozen times, but the line wasn’t being answered. I found out later that their front desk worker quit that afternoon, so there was no one answering phone calls through the heating and cooling repair shop to accept my gas furnace inspection request. Really wish I didn’t count on them.

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