I do not mind long minutes of driving on the highway

A lot of people find it terribly boring to drive in the car all day and all night, and i am not a single of those people.

I find it absolutely interesting and fun to spend all day in the car. I used to labor as a pizza delivery driver. I had a superb time spending all night in my car listening to the beatbox. I didn’t have to listen to anyone and it felt like I was my own boss, but unluckyly, it is absolutely taxing to pay the bills on a pizza delivery salary. I had to find something else to pay the bills. I really liked being a delivery driver, so I found a couple of tasks delivering items that were unusual from pizza… One of the tasks that I applied for was delivering Heating plus Air Conditioning parts, however a big Heating plus Air Conditioning parts supplier needed someone to deliver parts to all of the small stores in the state, then most of my day is spent driving from a single location to the next. I prefer the task and I never have to interact with anyone now that Covid19 is an issue. I simply drop off the Heating plus Air Conditioning parts at the front door step and leave… The client alerts my boss that they have received the items and I am off to my next stop. I drive to a unusual area of the state every day. One day while I was in the week I drive to the southern area of the state and deliver Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment to 17 stores and that region. Another day, I drive to the western area of the state and deliver Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment to an additional 15 stores in that region. I am never bored and I consistently have fun at work.

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