I have my own yoga studio

My husband keeps taking over more and more of my home.

He has the basement filled with his RC helicopters and drag race trucks. The garage part of the basement has his full-sized motorcycles that are in various states of disrepair. I have two spare bedrooms on the main floor and one of them has windows on two sides. It gets both the morning and the evening sun. I wanted to put my yoga mat down onto the floor and have my own yoga studio. When I had my knee surgery, I had to take it easy, but not now. My husband may have taken over the basement, but the main house is mine. I planned on taking the furniture out of the larger of the two spare rooms, and turning it into my yoga studio. I had a loft room. I asked my sister if she would come to my house and help me set up the yoga studio while my husband was in work. She couldn’t believe I was about to get my yoga studio, and without his permission. I laughed and reminded her that my name was on the deed to the house, as well as his. She laughed at me and picked up one end of the bed. It was time to get the furniture upstairs. By the time my husband got home from work, we had the beds set up upstairs and the yoga mats were in the spare bedroom. My husband just shook his head and asked me why I didn’t wait until he got home. He would have helped us with the heavy things.

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