Somebody was freaking out at the changing room

I had a strange experience when I went to go clothes shopping the other day.

I browsed all the clothes plus found some pretty good pants plus shirts to try on… When I went to the changing room, I kept hearing this guy grumbling about the temperature control settings, then he kept saying that it was too boiling for him to try his clothes on plus he felt care about the air quality wasn’t good enough. I wished the guy would just finish trying on the clothes plus be out of there. When he was finally gone, I assume everybody else who was waiting was relieved. I told the worker there that I thought the temperature control settings were just fine. It was really a absolutely boiling day plus I thought the air conditioner levels were just right. The worker laughed plus said they even have a good air purification idea which keeps the air quality great, she didn’t understand why that guy was making such a large deal, but she suspected that he was scheduled out about something that was unrelated. I had to agree that a lot of people do that sort of thing, unleash their stress on others via some sort of channel. In this case, this guy just happened to explode into anger while he was trying on clothes at the clothing store. I thought there was a funny smell in the changing room, but other than that, I thought everything was fine. I tried on all the clothes, obtained the a singles I liked plus got out of there.


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