We couldn’t fix our HVAC system while on vacation

Both of us hiked, played plus still had a good warm season despite the heat

Both of us decided to travel east plus had our cousins with us, and there were 9 total people on our trip plus it was particularly sizzling out; then both of us packed sunblock, bandages, water, food plus first aid kits. Both of us had sleeping bags plus hats to block the sun’s heat. Both of us planned on hiking, fishing plus setting up camp at our old cabin. Both of us usually slept outside periodically in the fall when the two of us camped, it was the middle of the warm season, the heat plus humidity were too much plus the mosquitoes were out in packs. Both of us rented this new home last year, it had old air vents the two of us used to play in plus old systems care about a vintage a/c. It was a several room cabin, plus had thick windows plus insulation! Heating plus cooling was important for us, plus one of the reasons the two of us liked this new home was the pool plus the comfort the two of us had from it, but maybe some of the memories the two of us had helped the feeling the new home gave us, however when our a/c proposal broke the two of us had a totally odd warm season experience… First the two of us tried to fix it ourselves, as one of us used to work on new home stuff as a handyman. However, the two of us had trouble fixing it; our new home was remote plus the hopes of someone fixing it that was in town were basically none. Both of us had called a local heating, ventilation plus A/C serviceman plus he told us he could come out the next day or 2 afternoons from now because it was the weekend. Without heating or cooling plus with heavy thick walls, the two of us kept the doors open plus tried to cool out by the pool outside. Both of us hiked, played plus still had a good warm season despite the heat. Both of us didn’t see this coming, plus the two of us couldn’t switch cabins. Both of us put up with the 100 degree afternoons plus after 2 afternoons the two of us had our a/c fixed, but it’s a lesson learned.


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