We didn’t try the sauna.

Several years back, my husband and I won an amazing weekend at a brand new resort casino. I couldn’t believe everything we had won. We had a deluxe mini-suite with an in-room bar and personal sauna. We had all of our meals paid for and they even gave us $500 a piece for gambling. I couldn’t wait to check out the room. I looked into the sauna, but I wasn’t about to use it. My husband was all gung ho about getting into the sauna. I told him to go ahead and I turned on the television. I was thinking that while he was trying to get rid of all the water in his body, I was going to go downstairs and gamble for a while. He soon came out and asked me why I didn’t want to go into the sauna. I reminded him what happened the last time since he didn’t seem to remember. I had been at the local gym with a couple of my friends. After a swim class and half an hour on the bicycle, we decided we were going to go into the sauna for a while and then hit the showers before going home. It felt good sitting in the sauna and relaxing. We all had water bottles, but we hadn’t brought them in with us. I wasn’t even into the shower, before I could feel my legs buckling beneath me. If it hadn’t been for Sylvia seeing me going down, I would have hit my head on the tile. She splashed warm water on my skin and gave me water to drink. My body had a very bad reaction to the sauna.

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