The envelope with the gas furnace area was in the mailbox

I ordered a small area for the gas furnace in my house. I knew exactly why the gas furnace wasn’t laboring and I didn’t have to pay an fancy repair bill to repair it. I grew up reading how to repair machines and the gas furnace was 1 item that I knew well. I didn’t hesitate to repair the gas furnace on my own when it stopped laboring. I quickly realized the small area that needed to be updated, and unfortunately, none of the gas furnace repair companies would sell myself and others the part. They wanted to send a licensed and certified professional with the part. That means I would be forced to pay for a work bill that I did not need. The only location I could find the gas furnace area was online. I had free 2-day shipping, so I didn’t have to wait that long for the new area to arrive. In the meantime, I ran the fireplace and the space furnace to keep the location warm. On the afternoon that the gas furnace area was supposed to arrive, I received an email from the supplier. Inside the email was a confirmation that the package was delivered. I never heard anyone knock on the door, so I quickly went to the front porch to look for my package. I didn’t see it anywhere. I started to get infuriated and I decided to call the supplier. That’s when I found out that it was in an envelope in the mailbox. The gas furnace area was small and lightweight, so there was no reason to ship it inside a crucial box.