I’m genuinely aggravated that the dining room AC is broken

My apartment has a lot of square footage and the AC unit works hard, but there are parts of the apartment that are warmer than others.

The dining room has consistently been about 5 or 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house, but only a couple of years ago, my husbandy and I decided to buy a ductless AC unit for the dining room.

It was expensive to have the additional machine installed, but it absolutely helped the indoor air temperatures in our dining room. I have been relying on that AC unit for the last several years and I was actually upset when it broke down and quit laboring. It happened earlier this month on a actually warm and humid afternoon. The AC unit seemed to be running all afternoon, every time I walked into the dining room, the ductless AC unit was running, then during the afternoon hours, I walked into the dining room to chance up some towels. I noticed it was actually moderate inside the room but the ductless AC unit was not running. I tried to unplug the machine and I also tried to flip the breaker… Neither one of those things helped, so I called the maintenance service. They couldn’t come help until Friday, and I didn’t have any way to cool the dining room until then. I was miserable living separate from the additional ductless AC unit. I forgot how warm and uncomfortable the dining room can be separate from the extra cooling machine. I was drastically thankful when the specialist told myself and others that the maintenance was only going to cost $200. I was distraught it might be a significant problem.

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