Office HVAC upgrade yields big results

Our offices were way overdue for a management change. I’ve been working here for more than 10 years and I have seen it coming for some time. The last management team just didn’t seem as committed to those doing the work as they needed to be. There was no real connection between management and the rest of us. That disconnect was apparent in so many ways. Even something as simple as HVAC comfort wasn’t handled properly. The place where I work is pretty big. There are probably just over 50 people working in this space on any given day. And, it’s an open space as well. It’s an open space with one centralized thermostat. The heating and cooling levels in the office are woefully disparate. If you’re near all the IT stuff, it’s hotter and if you’re under an HVAC air duct with the air conditioning banging away, you better bring a sweater. This heating and cooling situation has long been a point of contention for all of us who are working in that office space. And yet, the management team simply ignored our problems with the HVAC and stayed inside their offices. Well, the whole lot of them got removed last quarter and a new management team came in from corporate. These people recognized the HVAC system flaw immediately and had the HVAC company put in zone controlled HVAC. What a difference that makes. And what a difference in performance and quality has happened with this change in management. The zone controlled HVAC helps everyone feel more comfortable and that has resulted in great performance which I haven’t seen in years.

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