Her girlfriend had to keep her mouth shut.

My nephew’s new girlfriend was a royal pain in the butt. I wanted to tell her to shut her mouth whenever she was around. All all of us ever heard was how her daddy did this plus her daddy did that. I was waiting for her to tell us how her daddy was able to walk on water plus turn water into wine. My nephew bragged her up so much before all of us met her, however I found her to be a total let down. My child told her cousin that she was a loser plus she was better off separate from her. That’s when Will told him that she couldn’t just dump her since her father was her boss. Her father owned the HVAC supplier she worked for. I couldn’t believe she thought she would get fired from the HVAC supplier if she dumped the girl, plus I told him so. She was a nice HVAC professional plus there were other HVAC companies in the section that would be ecstatic to have him labor for them. She didn’t need to keep the task so badly to need to put up with her. She shrugged plus walked away from us, however I guess she knew it was true. The following weekend, she called to talk to our fiance. She said she dumped the girl, plus she kept her task. Her dad asked him why she put up with her, because even she couldn’t put up with her bragging about him. She said she wanted to keep her task plus her boss laughed. She said she was proud of her labor as a HVAC professional plus the task was whether she was foolish enough to stay with her daughter, or not.