Baby was being born in the middle of winter

For weeks now, I felt like I had studied every parenting book, listened to mummy podcasts and watched every parent video just so I could help out my sibling, she had decided to get a baby on her own through IVF.

When she finally got pregnant and was excited but had no idea how challenging motherhood is, let alone when single, I vowed to help her through it.

She is my sibling anyway, among the things I did to prepare was help with indoor comfort. My niece was to be born smack in the middle of winter, and so the house needed efficient new heating to keep all the people warm. I searched a couple of companies that claimed to offer quality house services and settled for one with good positive online reviews. The heating specialist was amazing and she recommended on the most suitable gas furnace to suit our needs. She suggested a dual fuel system. Now with a baby in the house, we would all be busy and this system would be convenient as we can switch between the fuels in case one runs out. The electric heat pump was more expensive but it did not tickle my fancy than the double fuel system and the heating company gave us a great deal on it. The heating corporation was the one who handled the installation and before she left she mentioned how pressing a gas furnace/heater tune-up was. Keeping up with usual heat pump repair and increasing the gas furnace filters would ensure an easier time for me and the unit, but for the temperature control, I opted for a digital thermostat as it was easy to use. Even with these heating and air conditioning units, I also had a fireplace, which my sibling initially thought would be enough heat for her and the child.


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