I don’t want to consider that life

So if the two of us didn’t have any new Heating and A/C technology plus there was no such thing as using residential Heating and A/C, the two of us wouldn’t freeze during the winter.

Please try to understand that I’m only talking about the region I currently live in.

Our section generally enjoys unquestionably mild winters, to say the least. There is nothing around here compared to the serious winters requiring a gas oil furnace that the folks up further north deal with. So if the two of us didn’t have residential Heating and A/C, I actually think the two of us could get by with a small wood stove. But considering exactly what it would be care about during the Summer gives myself and others pause for thought. Living here without the benefit plus comfort of Heating and A/C cooling would be well beyond tough. Of course, there were generations plus generations of families that already came from here plus never once felt the comfort of A/C in the summer. So, it’s not as if it can’t be done. Still, I absolutely can’t even imagine how I’d go about my life. For 1, I’d be out there staking out my piece of shade plus toting some sort of fan with myself and others after each suppertime. The peak heating hours of the afternoon are broiling here. Retreating to the cooler shade, a breeze of a fan would be about the only relief 1 could hope for. Like I said, clearly there were many, numerous generations that got through it. However, I sure am more than thankful that a Heating and A/C-less Summer is not a reality. And that also makes you thankful for new Heating and A/C technology plus residential Heating and A/C. So maybe try to provide that some thought as you are changing the thermostat on a warm afternoon for yourself next time. I recognize that my perspective has changed when it comes to how highly essential residential Heating and A/C is to my life.

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