I was sweating like crazy after my workout when the A/C system broke down

He said that my air filter was severely clogged and it should have been changed

The other day, I was doing my stretches getting ready for exercise. This was after I already adjusted the temperature control settings to get the A/C system pumping a little bit. I like for the A/C system to be working when I’m sweating during my workout. Well, a quarter of the way into my workout, I was sweating but then my A/C system shut off entirely. I didn’t want to stop my workout and thought maybe it would turn back on. It never did crank back on and I was sweating like crazy when the workout was done because it was actually overheated in the house. I checked the thermostat and I couldn’t get the system to work. Then I went to look at the HVAC unit and I had no clue what was going on with the thing. So I called up the HVAC company and they sent out an A/C professional in no time. I was actually surprised about how quick the HVAC professional arrived. He laughed and said he had just finished up at one of my neighbor’s houses when he got the call. He said he appreciated it because he didn’t have to drive far. He was also quick to find the complication with my HVAC system. He said that my air filter was severely clogged and it should have been changed. He also cleaned up the HVAC unit a little bit and cleaned the outdoor A/C condenser as well, which was also clogged pretty badly. By the time he was done, my A/C system was working as good as new.


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